What if…

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?

This post is either the first after I came back home and the last here which will summarize my experience I got during EVS and how I’m now – at home. I will talk about what would happen it I had chosen other path of my life.


What if I hadn’t found EVS project in Romania? What if I had stayed in my country? The answer is very simple – everything would probably went by scenario “(Un)happily ever after”. It means everything would be planed: studies, work, future husband and so so on… Everything would be clear and predictable. Maybe for someone it is nice and I don’t say that it is bad, but… I was looking for something deeper.


EVS gave me so immeasurable experience, new best friends, new ideas, new thinking, more courage, more adventure and everything that I could find only during my EVS in Baia Mare. I will never regret this. Maybe  now I have a hard moment boring moments and it is not so easy to implement myself back to my society, but I believe that I just need to have some patient, be relaxed and wait, but at the same moment don’t stop looking for the best place for me next.

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I want to wish for everyone that never give up on dreams, on what you believe and find your own perfect way!

For the end, Irene and Alina – you were my family, persons who have provocative pictures and videos of me, who know my secrets, with whom I shared my worries and happiness. After those 10 months I call you my sisters and always will do. Take care my dears!

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Aslo, I want to thank my great host organization YMCA Baia Mare and co-host YMCA Romania. You gave me a amazing opportunity to see the world wider and make my comfort zone bigger. Wish all the best in your work and future projects. Remeber that in Lithuania there is a girl who will always open her home door for you. :)

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And I’m saying big big thanks for everybody I’ve met, I’ve traveled with, all drivers for picking-up all hitch-hikers, all good people who helped me somehow. You all made me a better person!

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Bye! La revedere! Ciao! Hasta lavego! Iki!



It’s my last blog… in YMCA and I think at all, i don’t like to tell about my feelings or what is happenning in my life, but for YMCA i can make such benefaction)

I came back home….Now i am a little bit feeling flustrated… But i have puppy now. I am the happiest person now)))))


Next day after i came, i began to search a job, and you know what, when I was filling out  papers I realised that for this 10 months in Baia Mare i learned a lot  of things. I develop more my english, i opened some sides of me that i even cann’t think that i have… I became more independent, i know how to save money, how to manage my budget, to plan a travel. I don’t  have  anymore stereotypes about nationalities, and i don’t judge people just from their look (ok, not so often =) ). I learned some things about another cultures and also I tried a lot  of international food, dances,songs.  I found out how to be more flexieble, how to work in team and it’s very important. I was very egoistic before. But the most important thing is that kids helped me to open myself, i learned a lot of things from them, how funny, i came to teach them, but in the end i realised that they are teaching us more than we them…

I very grateful for my mentor that supported me and he was perfect in the same time he was serious and insane))))

I thankful a LOT Roxi and Alina  P. that gave me such apportunity. Who I became now it’s because of them… I saw how they  were  hard working for people in trainings, how they tried to open them, to relieve them, to make them better and i decided why  I cannt be also better for myself, for another people?!

Thank you Alina C. for hellping me to learn romanian language and to find out romanian culture.

I appreciate a lot for girls ( Irene, Jurgita) that you had power to deal with me and to listen me and to work with me ( i know it’s not so easy).


I’m also  very grateful to you for all your help.

I am very happy to met with all those people that i met during trainings and travelling.

And thank you Baia Mare that you are so  nice town and that i enjoyed time spending there. I’ll come back someday…

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Guess who was dancing in manele club?

Hello. This week was amaizing. I and Jurgita went to Buchuresti, i love this city. We arrived at night and at first we went to private party, there were house music so we decided to see also another clubs. When we came to another club Jurgi was in shock from pole dancing girls, from people bahaviour))))) we enjoed a lot. After that we went to biggest manele club ))))) Jurgita was just sitting with opened mouth…. after some time she got used to music and begin to dance.

IMG_20160312_010632 IMG_20160312_054321 IMG_20160312_054425 IMG_20160312_060252


Next day we went to see city centr, House Of Parliament, parks, shops,churches. I was very impressed from center, it’s so big  and a lot of people….


20160312_132022 20160312_132223



Also we had night ride tour around center, one nice boy made for us it. mersi Adi)))





Next day we went to Sighisuara. Nice town, but i wasnt so impressed… It’s very small for me…

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We spent there a few houres than began to hichhicke to cluj… One qute boy took us and brought to targu mures and from there 2  girls – students brought us to cluj.It was funny with them, girl was so young and didnt have such big expirience in driving a car …. sometimes i thought that i would never reached baia mare))) and than from cluj we took a bus, it was dark already. In YMCA RO begins training, so coool, such nice people arrived and very open minded. In a few days i am going home, so i am going to pack my things, to clean flat….jejejej

I’m not so exited to go home, but what can I do?! Project is finishing and we need to go….




Tips how to prepare a bye-bye party

Many volunteers from our term already finished their projects and went back home to their countries. We really had great time together. Next week is mine and Alina’s turn. We’ve been in some goodbye parties and organised some by our selves. So today I want to share some advises how to make good nice and funny bye bye party.

1. Food. Food is very important. Party will not be good and people will not be satisfied if there will not be food, at least for the beginning. It can be very simple snacks like chips, peanuts. Also I suggest to try to make something hot only for the beginning like french fries with cheese, order pizza.. Sweets are not so important but could be. The most important thing is that some food should be on the table and everybody should get a chance to eat a little bit.

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2. People. Invite all type of people that everybody could find somebody to chat with.

3. Music. Always put music as a background. It helps if you party will have some awkward silence.

4.Prepare memory wall or photo-call. People could make funny last pictures, share their memories that will remain after party. Also you can have some party games, but don’t fores people to play if you see that they have fun and party is alive.

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5. Of course  put decorations. It will help to make good party atmosphere.

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6. As a party host be open and ready to have fun.

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